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 Study Plan Or Research Proposal China Scholarship 2024-2025 Applying Procedure Step By Step Complete Guidance || Step 6 || 2024-2025 CSC Scholarship CSC Guide Official


How to Make Study Plan/ Research Proposal For China Scholarship 2024-2025

Following is the Study Plan Sample for China Scholarship. You can use this for your study plan while applying. If you don’t have any study plan then you can use this. 


STUDY PLAN (Sample 1)

I am Mr. Perfact, from Pakistan. I have done my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Government College University Faisalabad, Layyah Campus. I was an active somehow indulgent student among others during my bachelor’s studies, very often involved in many curricular and co-curricular activities.

Introduction of My Background:

I was born in a small city named Taunsa Sharif an urban area of district D.G Khan, Punjab province Pakistan, as the last child of my family. My father was a professor and he is retired at present. After completing my graduation, From October 2020 to January 2021, I worked as SEO Intern at ABC Organization. During this period, I have learned and practically implemented programming skills and methodologies. Working in a team of experts, I have learned how to deliver projects within deadlines, gather requirements, estimate development effort, divide a problem into smaller units and solve it accordingly.
My Personality:

By fact, I am a socially active person with friendly nature, a good communicator indeed who is blessed with many friends. I keep a keen view to the reality of life and thus approach people with a positive mind and attitude and always prove to be helpful with honest efforts and true dedication. Besides that I always feel very joyous and fortunate to meet and greet people belonging to different backgrounds and cultures. As such meetings are always important because they prove to be beneficial in future also it makes things easy to copy whether one works or studies in his own country or outside the country.I love learning new languages. I am a fluent speaker of 3 languages and I want to learn a few more. My other hobbies are running, hiking and baking healthy desserts. Out of these, I enjoy running the most, especially marathons. Sometimes I do read. Yet, it consumes all my free time. I enjoy reading and have always been a voracious reader. I have always been a very creative person and find it relaxing to indulge in craft activities.

Academic Background:

My goal is to attend a well-respected university, with a strong Artificial intelligence graduate program. I want to be involved in a program that will both provide and allow me the opportunity to grow, develop and be challenged in my understanding of a subject area that I feel is my niche. As such, I have selected ABC University as a top choice of graduate schools to which I am applying.

I have completed undergraduate Studies in Computer Science from Government College University Faisalabad, Layyah Campus. It is one of the best universities in Pakistan with excellent faculty, competitive environment. Where I got chance to increase my knowledge of power; with help of my Professors. I have a first class academic career and I have received certification during my career in academic and in extracurricular activities. In fact, I was up to the mark and honored in the top ten in a class, I also discovered the intellectual satisfaction of solving difficult problems on my own. I have done an internship of three months duration at MukhlisFertigo Organization. After getting vast Experience of industries and subjects, I decided my research field should be on Artificial Intelligence.

I did my final year thesis project on “Project Name” which was carried out by a team of four students and I contributed as Group Leader. Our project’s aim was to provide system which will work for safety, security, and reporting purposes. In our system Fingerprint Authentication was used for detection and recognition of studentsfor entering and leaving the hostel in real time as well as the Notification System was also used that send message to the guardians of a students via SMS on their phone numbers in order that the guardians know the reasons of leaving or entering to the hostel for which purpose. While working on this project I found strong motivation in myself towards graduate study and research in the area of security. I feel that a career in research is suited both to my aptitude and temperament.

Study Plan in China:

I would like to apply for the master’s degree in Computer Science and Technology in China because I came to know about the vast practical application of world, which directed my attention toward it and generated the thrust of knowledge in me to study in above chosen course. My objective is to work in an international organization in future therefor, I would like to enhance deeper theoretical/practical knowledge and understanding in starting and managing the affairs of organization during my studies, by exploring the hidden abilities in myself. In your institute, I will attempt to concoct the best of everything, to go with teachers and college partners in doing research and investigating for vast exciting management secrets in the field of Computer Science and Technology. I hope that after completion of my master’s from your institute, I’ll be a beneficial citizen of my own country in maximizing revenue through rendering my services. I believe that this master’s program will provide me with the chance to enhance the deeper knowledge regarding Computer Science and Technology and affiliates me dedicated to the organization, which is living example of art of Computer Science and Technology. I believe that I can acquire more experience in managing different circumstances, people, and systems which will be a great support and productive in my future career.

Reasons to Study in China:

There are lots of reasons to study in China which entice me to choose China as my final study destination. For instance, its industrial linkage, which have been proven that the big giants of industries from every field are now moving toward China and establishing their factories. This is generating applied research directions and large opportunities for students to explore the latest research trends and entrepreneurship as well. Another big reason is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is a huge joint project of China and Pakistan, now creating large opportunities for Data Communications, IT, Road and Rail, Energy and Agricultural related developments. Furthermore, world is recognizing the China as a most emerging country and becoming super power, therefore, it will be honored for me to pursue my higher education from such a country just like United State of America. Its ancient history and Geographic’s diversity is another aspect, since I love nature and there are a lot of natural beauty for me to explore in China like, rivers, desert, mountains, grassland, lakes, and long coastline. There are also some other reasons i.e. no. of scholarships, new language learning opportunity, and building international professional network, which leads me to study inChina.

Why I choose ABC University:

ABC University is one of the top university of China, and its School of Computer Science and Engineering, is one of the most highly ranked school as well. I found impressive profile of many professors with remarkable research projects. I am applying to study towards an Master’s Degree in School of Computer Science and Engineering with major research orientation in Artificial intelligenceat the School of Computer Science and Engineering, ABC University. Because I feel very strongly that this is the best location for continuing my studies. Central South University is the place where a student gets involved in a multicultural society with students from all over the globe. Central South University is renowned institute and known for its research work. It is a great place as far as research facilities and experts and concerned. Central South University researchers have numerous publications and patents which can make tremendous impact on society. I believe my application will receive your favorable consideration and will let me have an opportunity for master studies. I will look forward to study in Central South University.

My plan after MS:

After MS, I plan to find a job as a professor or researcher in Pakistan. In recent years Government of Pakistan has paid more and more attention to higher education on research projects, so the condition for research and teaching in universities becoming more impressive. Compare to highly competitive and almost saturated job in china, there are more opportunities for the younger generation in Pakistan. I believe my Chinese education background and connection in Pakistan would make me more competent to find a job as a professor in a university or institution in Pakistan. I hope one day I could set up my own institution.

Thanking you for giving me an opportunity to express myself.




Study Plan (Sample 2) 

Educational Background

I would like to present my past performances as my credentials for success in future endeavors. My academic performance was good and this acted as a booster made me look at future with confidence and excitement. My schooling provided me with the much needed information for a scientific approach in life. I scored good marks in the Secondary school certificate examination. This result filled me with more confidence and left me with a predilection for academics. During my intermediate time period, I did more hard work and passed my HSSC examination in grade-B. It was fascination year of hard work resulted in my selection in BS Physics which fetched me an admission in Universityof science & Technology Bannu Pakistan. It is one of the best University in Pakistan with excellent faculty; competitive environment.An outstanding career in the field of physics has always been my dream; I completed Bachelor of Science (honor) four year (equivalent to M.Sc.) in the field of physics with CGPA 3.2/4.00.
During these 4 years I have studied Subjects like Mechanic ,thermodynamic and kinetic theory , wave and oscillation , optic , Electromagnetic theory, concept of modern physics , Renewable Energy sources ,computational physics, Atomic and molecular physics , Numerical Method and differentiation equation , classical mechanic ,Quantum Mechanic , Electronic , mathematical method of physics , Solid state physics , Nuclear physics, solid state electronics devices , Electrodynamic , Experimental Nuclear physics , Thermal and statical physics , special theory of Relativity and tensor Analysis , Digital electronic ,plasma physics , semiconductor physics .These subjects arousedmyresearchinstinctswhenI realized I am really excited about the Prospects of me being a part of suchresearches.Study of the various factors affecting the energy storage properties of dielectric ceramic Whichis very interesting.
Apart from the field report, Awarded Prime Minister Laptop for good academic results in bachelorsduring these four years of my BS. And Awarded the “1 st National conference Recent Trends in physics and material Science ” Certificate for Attending 3 day workshop , Awarded “Generation of ideas for social Entrepreneurship .” Certificate for Attending Two days Training workshop.

Career objectives:

I would like to apply for the Master’s Degree in theoretical physics in your university because of my interest, past experience and work on different projects related to this field make me understand the scope of this field in the technology based modern world.I am personally interested and want to work in research areas such as Material physics , optic , atomic and molecular physics , condense mater physics .
I will prove my abilities and skills in theoretical and practical work. During my studies, with great hidden abilities in myself I will try to come up with the best of everything; to accompany the professors and university colleagues in carrying out research related to my field..After completion of my master’s studies I hope to be able to take part in enhance my country’s research technology in such fields to benefit its economy and enhance the living standards of my compatriots’ believe that this Masters Program will provide me with the chance to get to know more research and experience in theoretical physics and I hope that I can gain more experience in dealing with situations, peoples, systems and demands which will be of a great help in my future career.

ReasonPreferred China
ThereasonwhyIpreferredChinaoverothercountriesisthatChinaisalandofdiverseculturesand it is the most popular destination for international students specially Pakistani Students. The qualityof scientific research, innovative teaching styles, services and support for international students, amulti cultural community and unique travel choices with in the country are few of many reasons students consider China a heaven for higher education. Reading the books, watching the news, analyzingand observing the people of China, I am really impressed by the way these individuals haveproved themselvestobededicatedtotheirworkandwithtrueeffortstheyhavesetChinaasasuccessful example for other third world or developed countries. The fast growing economy,technological advancementandtheglobalrankingeducationinstitutesofChinawithhighreputationmakesagreat aspiration to students and professionals for the better career perspectives.Thus such kind of positivity has boosted my confidence further and I am highly satisfied with the decision I havetaken. MyMotoistogetMSin Geospatial SciencesdegreefromChinawillsurelyincreasemylevelof understandingtheconceptsandprinciples.IbelievethatIwillbringfrommystayinChinaexcellent leadership, intuitive, analytical and social skills which will help my academies and professional career a lot.
Thank you for the opportunity to express my views. I hope that I satisfy the criteria for admission. An assistantship in any encouraging field would give me an in valuable research experience. Expecting a favorable consideration and looking forward to being associated with you.

Best Regards


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Research Proposal (Main Points)

“Topic Name”

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Problem Statement
  • Aims & Objectives
  • Methodology
  • References

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