How to Make Professional CV For Acceptance letter || Step 2

How to Make Professional CV For Acceptance letter || STEP 2


For the year 2021-2021 how you make your CV. So don’t worry use the following CV format for Acceptance Letter. Here is the Complete CV Format For Acceptance Letter.


Your Name

Your department name with university

Cell no.                                                                





To become a good researcher in my field (2+years’ experience)
A self-motivated, passionate, honest and responsible individual, possessing excellent leadership and challenge myself in research activities to become a good researcher.




BSc Electrical Engineering     (Mention CGPA Here)                                                                               Aug 2012-sep 2016

Govt. College university, Pakistan 

Specialized in Networking …… (Type Specialization according to your previous degree)


Research Direction


Use Research Direction according to your major. If you don’t have any research direction then use research direction of those professor To whom you are sending emails. Don’t worry if  You still have any confusion then watch Complete video.

Video In English Click here

Video In Urdu/Hindi Click here


Research and Projects

Give Some Details About Your Research and Projects which you have already done in your previous degree. 


Academic Projects

Give Some detail about your academic projects which you have done in your previous education. Like lab works etc..


Honors & Achievement

If you get some awards give detail of these awards here. Like Internship Certificate, CM Laptop, Sports achievements etc..


Training’s & Skills

If you have any skill like You Can Microsoft Office, any Computer Skills, Auto-cad or any other skill you can use here.


Extra-Curricular activities

Type Your Extra-Curricular activities if you have. Like sports, reading books or any other if you have.


Personal Data

Put Your Personal Data here. Give Following Detail in Personal Data

Date of Birth:
Passport Number (If don’t have passport While getting acceptance letter, no problem but when you apply for scholarship then you must have passport):



References is optional but if you want to give reference detail then must use the reference detail of those professor who give you recommendation letter.  For more Clearance Must the video. Link of the video Update soon. Click Here to Watch the Video

Use Professor Reference Detail Like this.

(Professor Name)          Professor Title (Means Professor or Associate Professor)

Head of Electrical Engineering Department, GC University, Pakistan.




Click on Download Button to Download the CV Format


How to make Professional CV for Acceptance Letter Watch Video

Video In English Click here

Video In Urdu/Hindi Click here

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