How to prepare recommendation letters for china scholarship 2022-2023

How to Make Recommendation Letters || Step 3 || CSC Guide Officials

How to Make Recommendation Letters For Chinese Government Scholarship || Step 3 || For China Scholarship2022-2023 CSC Guide Officials



If you want to apply for China Scholarship 2022-2023, you need to prepare Recommendation letters from Professors or Associate Professors. Now keep in mind Recommendation Letters from the Assistant professor is not acceptable. Some Students got admission with Assistant professor recommendation letters, but Some Universities Reject students who make recommendation letters from the assistant professors.

Another Question Students asked can we use the previous year’s recommendation letters? The answer is that yes, but many Universities demand they required the latest recommendation letters. So Be Careful and don’t give them any chance of rejection.

Another Question is that what is the best recommendation letter format? : The answer is that following is the best recommendation letter format. Don’t worry, if your professor has his or her own recommendation letter form then no problem, you can use it.

Question: On Recommendation letters, professor stamp is necessary?

Answer: Stamp is not mandatory, but if the professor has a stamp, then it’s good for your application.

Also, Keep in Mind, both recommendation letters have their own format and own body content. This year, many students got objections from the university because they make both the recommendation letter the same. So be careful.

Last Question and answered: Recommendation Letters Must be Colored, not Black and White.

Note: Using these recommendations’ letter format, students got fully funded scholarships. You can use this recommendation letters format without any hesitation.


So Here is the Recommendation letters format

Recommendation Letter 1

recommendation letter format for china scholarship


Recommendation Letter 2

recommendation letter format for acceptance letter



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