For Applying CSC Scholarship You need to Prepare these documents

List of necessary Documents for CSC Scholarship

1. Passport
2. Two Recommendation Letters
3. English Proficiency  Certificate
4.Physical Examination Form For Foreigners
5. Study plan or Research proposal
6.  Notarized Bachelor degree if you applying for Masters (MS) , and Notarized Master Degree If you applying for PHD. NOTE : If you have transcript and don’t get degree yet then make Provisional certificate form Your university in which you or graduated. If you are currently studying in in 7th or 8th semester and not get transcript and degree yet then you make a Hope certificate from you university.

NOTE: You will notarized your documents from any lawyer in your district courts. Go to your district or city courts and ask them i notarized my documents then they charge 10 RS per page and notarized your documents. Just your Bachelor and Masters degree should be notarized. If you have hope and provisional Certificate then it should also be notarized. For undergraduates students

7 . Notarized Bachelor Transcript if you applying for Masters and Master transcript if you applying for PHD. Note: Your bachelor and master transcript should also be notarized
8. CV


Additional Documents For CSC Scholarship

1. Acceptance Letter
2. No Criminal Record    (Police Clearance Certificate) NOTE: No Criminal Certificate Record is mandatory for CSC Scholarship in China
3. Ielts ( its mandatory for top rank universities in china)
4. Metric and Intermediate Certificates

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