csc scholarship annual review form

Self-Assessment of the CSC Scholarship Annual Review

Self-Assessment of the CSC Scholarship Annual Review

Students who got admitted last Year or before need to submit CSC Scholarship annual review. This is not for all, Just those students who got CSC Scholarship. This is not for University Scholarship, Provincial Scholarship, and ANSO Scholarship. You need to fill out the self-assessment form on CSC Online portal (
You need to Fill out the following form.

Observe rules and regulations:
I followed every rule and regulation set by the (University Name). I attend my classes timely, do registration timely and followed every notice shared by my university, and also submit the required documents and reports in a timely.

Academic performance:

My academic performance up to now it’s good. I took 36 credits to complete my degree among them 19 credit courses I took in the first semester and also gave the final exam and among them, 11 credit course final result is released which I uploaded here in the second semester I took 6 credit courses which are going on. Besides this there 6 credit for the thesis for which my work is going on through close coordination with my supervisor and besides there is 5 credits for literature reading, seminar report, research progress report, midterm exam, and opening report and every semester I should submit 10 literature reading, 2 research progress work report and 1 seminar report among them the requirements for the first semester I have submitted in the school system.
Note: If you are not able to provide complete information like credit hours then no problem. If you just discussed your online subjects then it’s also ok. Don’t worry about this. If you don’t have seminar reports etc, then no problem.

Participation in activities:

Participated in short-term course Nonlinear, Inelastic earthquake soil-structure interaction modeling and simulations giving a presentation by Professor, the University of California, the USA through zoom meeting Attended the two meetings conducted by my supervisor through voov meeting where in first meeting professor shared his presentation and gave me lectures about my research work and second meeting I gave the presentation about my research progress work.  I also became a student ambassador and gave the presentation also on conducted by the university.
Note: If you didn’t participate in any activity then mention, that all of my classes are online so that’s why I can’t participate in any activity. But if you participate in any activity then mention according to yourself.




csc annual review form

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