How to learn Chinese language | HSK 1 | lesson 4 | csc guide officials

Chinese language course HSK 1 lesson 4 | csc guide officials

This is the 4th lesson of chinese language free course  . Here i will discuses all those things which i teach on my YouTube channel csc guide official .  Read and Write  again and again .  Chinese language course is very useful and beneficially for you if you learn . I hope you like the Chinese language course and share with friends. How to learn chinese . ? if you watch my videos and read these then you can learn chinese language course.

how to learn chinese .

Words and meanings :

是                      Shì             To be 

老师       lǎoshī   Teacher 

吗                    ma              Used at the end of question

学生                xuéshēng    Student 




Are you a teacher?

我不是老师, 我是学生

I am not a teacher, I am a student

Words and meanings :

人       Rén                 People 

中国   zhōngguó      Chinese

美国   měiguó          American




Are you Chinese?

我不是中国人, 我是美国人。

I am not Chinese, I am American.

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