yanshan university professors emails csc guide official

Yanshan university faculty Professors Emails | Faculty CSC Guide official

Yanshan university faculty Professors Emails | YSU faculty CSC Guide Officials

Following is the Yanshan university Departments wise emails (CHINA) and Faculty. Open that  and Get Faculty Emails. YSU faculty emails . Professors emails are given below. Click on the Following  and get YSU professors emails or faculty . If You want to apply for China Scholarship latest try to get Acceptance Letter from this University. Given majors are available in this university . Yanshan university faculty  in this post.

Under Chinese government scholarship (CGS) 273 universities . All these universities offer csc scholarship . we are updating department wise universities faculty . so must follow the procedure which we have update on our website csc guide official website and YouTube channel. you can find any faculty on csc guide official .


Note: Use Goggle Chrome for auto translate Chinese to English


  1. School of Mechanical Engineering professor emails click here
  2. School of Materials Science and Engineering professor emails click here
  3. School of Electrical Engineering professor emails click here
  4. School of Information Science and Engineering (School of Software) professor emails click here
  5. School of Economics and Management professor emails click here
  6. School of Foreign Languages professor emails click here
  7. School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics professor emails click here
  8. Faculty of Science professor emails click here
  9. College of Arts and Law (School of Public Administration) professor emails click here
  10. School of Environmental and Chemical Engineering professor emails click here
  11. College of Art and Design professor emails click here
  12. Physical Education professor emails click here
  13. School of Vehicle and Energy professor emails click here
  14. School of Marxism professor emails click here
1 Department of Metallurgical Machinery [Browse list]
2 Department of Mechanical Design [Browse list]
3 Department of Mechatronics Engineering [Browse list]
4 Department of Mechanical and Electrical Control Engineering [Browse list]
5 Department of Plastic Forming Engineering [Browse list]
6 Department of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation [Browse list]
7 Department of Mechanical Engineering [Browse list]
8 Department of Engineering Graphics [Browse list]
9 Mechanical Basic Experiment Center [Browse list]
10 general Office [Browse list]
11 Student Affairs Office [Browse list]

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